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        Established in May 2003,Shanghai Naili Company is an engineering installation and equipment manufacturing industrial company devoted to research, development,design,production,installation,training and service of industrial equipment for biological pharmacy,fine chemical industry,food and beverage.Our company runs four parts,such as system  integration,pressure vessel manufacturing,machinery manufacturing and OEM brand cooperation.Located in the beautiful Songjiang High-tech lndustrial Zone in Shanghai,our company is 22km away from shanghai urban area,2.5km away from songjiang urban area,500m away from songjiang south station of High-speed Railway and 500m away from songjiang South Station of Subway Line 9.With a land area of 17,700m2,a registered capital of RMB 10 million Yuan and an actually invested operation capital of RMB 67 million Yuan,our company now has more than 160 employees,including more than 40 professional technicians.We also have many veteran technical engineers who have rich experience in biological pharmacy,vaccine,monoclonal antibody,fine chemical industry and invite famous experts and scholars in the industry to act as consultant,guide and partner of our company.
        Our company has powerful capacity to integrate the biological industry chain,advanced design concept,exquisite manufacturing technology,and advanced production and inspection equipment.We center on middle and high-end products in the industry.With the ,main product design concept of modulization and standardization,our company is a professional equipment manufacturing and installation company that provides the biological reactor,preparation system,concentration and purification system,material transfer system required for animal cell,plant cell,insect cell and microbial culture in labs (scientific research and teaching),pilot-scale test and large-scale industrial production,as well as upstream and downstream whole-set equipment for related biopharmaceutical industry chain projects.From equipment manufacturing,system (module) integration till biological pharmacy overall process solutions,our company can provide users with various supporting documents for verification and certification,computer systems conforming to GAMP5,help user pass new GMP certification,and provide users with all-round biological and pharmaceutical projects (turnkey projects).Shanghai Naili Company expects to cooperate with you.


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    Mail: Sale@Nailii.com Tel:86-021-33521181
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